Miss Mascara "Make Your Own Makeup" & Beauty Studio

OMG! Finally after 8 years of grinding it out! She is finally here- The Miss Mascara "Make Your Own Makeup" & Beauty Studio! I cant tell you how ecstatic I am.  I started this on-location beauty service 2011 and 3 years ago expanded into a cosmetics line. What most people don’t know is that I was working a 9 to 5 just like everyone else while growing my business. March of 2018 I was blessed enough to pursue my business full time. It wasn’t until my mom passed February 2018 from stomach & pancreatic cancer that I realized life is too short not to take a chance. So I’m taking this chance because faith isn’t knowing what the future holds but knowing WHO holds the future! 

Come Experience Something New! Our studio is equipped with 20 beauty stations that have everything you need to create and customize your unique shade of lipstick or lipgloss. You can even customize your scents and pick your style packaging!  These BYOB classes are 2 hours long and you go home with 2 custom lipsticks or lipgloss created by YOU! 


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