3 day Microblading 

Certification CourseS 


JANUARY Thurs. 13th - Sat. 15th

FEBRUARY Thurs. 10th - Sat. 12th

MARCH Thurs. 10th- Sat. 12th

 * Microblading Kit INCLUDED

 * Hands on LIVE Demonstration

 * Continued Microblading Mentoring

 * Microblading Manuel and Certification

 * Limited seating for MAXIMIZED Learning!


 (267) 405-4100                                        


 1200 Veterans Highway, Bristol PA 19007

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 Make your own schedule.

 Perfect for Part-Time or Full-Time.

 Set your own price. Services range from $500-$1000.

This investment pays for itself within your first           few paying clients! 

3 Day Course is held from 10am- 4pm. 

Lunch will be provided. Last day of training MUST have 2 MODELS. 

Day 1 

 Introduction to Microblading 101 and Pre-course materials

 Identifying Skin Types/Fitzpatrick Skin Tones

 Use of Microblading and Reusable and Disposable Tools

 Brow Structure, Strokes and Technique

 Brow Shaping for Face Shapes

 Safety and Sanitation

 Hands on Practice on skin sheets

 Homework

Day 2

 Homework Review. Questions and Answers.

 Eyebrow Measurement and Mapping

 Brow Design/Numbing/Process

 Healing Process, Medical and Skin Conditions

 Pre and After Care

 How and when to do a Touch – up

 Client Health Forms and Consultation


 Hands on Practice on skin sheets

 Homework

Day 3

 Homework Review. Questions and Answers.

 Service Pricing Strategies

 Client Acquisition Strategies

 Microblading supplies and cost/vendor  

 Hands on Practice on skin sheets

 Hands on LIVE model practice

 Certification